Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Things That Bug Me


There are many species of scorpion in Namibia, some dangerous, others not. This one I photographed in the desert, it is one of the highly venomous types. As a rule, scorpions with small pincers and thick tails are regarded as dangerous and, those with large pincers and thin tails, less so. I've been stung by a non-dangerous scorpion once and I tell you, it burns like hell for a few hours ...


It's difficult to find anything to like about these creatures, they appear in their zillions during summertime and destroy crops and other vegetation. They're cannibalistic; thousands are squashed on the roads and their buddies promptly gather around and start eating the dead ones. I don't know what their English name is but, directly translated from Afrikaans, 'Koringkriek' means 'Corn Cricket'.

Giant African Millipede

We get some giant specimens here as can be seen from the photo, ... the cigarette lighter is about 8cm long. They appear after good rains and nothing seems to eat them.

OneStonedCrow Pics
Flightless Wasp

These creatures are quite distinctive and pack a nasty sting, I was zapped by one a while ago and two days later my toe was still burning. I've been told, (but never tested it out myself), that you can determine the sex of a Flightless Wasp by pressing a straw across the body behind the back legs, ... apparently the male 'screams'.

Here are some more Bugs from my World.



  1. you should post a warning not to look at this just before bedtime.

  2. hehe yes ... the stuff that nightmares are made of ...

  3. Those are some pretty hardcore subjects to photograph. Great pics

  4. Thanks for the visit and comment Brad

  5. I see what you mean. This scorpion looks a bit more lethal than the one in mine post.

    I've only seen a koringkriek once and there were only one of him. I can't imagine seeing thousands.

  6. Thanks for the visit and comment Firefly ...

    Yeah, those koringkrieks are ugly things ... I wonder if they have any natural enemies, I've never seen other creature preying on them ...