Friday, February 19, 2010

Cape Town - My Favorite City

I always enjoy visiting Cape Town and whenever I first see Table Mountain in the distance my heart beats a little faster.

Besides the beautiful natural setting, I get a buzz from the rush of people and traffic, the buildings, giant shopping complexes and strange little street shops and stalls, everything - I just enjoy indulging in the madness.

I haven't been to many cities, but I imagine that Cape Town is probably one of the more pleasant ones to visit.

... for a few days.



  1. One of the very few, along with Toronto, Canada and Wellington, NZ that I would like to have seen. Have you had chance to visit Edinburgh?

  2. Majestically beautiful.

    I imagine it a special, colourful, vibrant and attractive city because of the people, the weather and the astonishing landscape.

  3. Thanks for the comments Ocean Girl and Dave ...

    ... you will be interested to know OG, that Cape Town has a very large population of Malay descent ...

    No Dave, I've never been anywhere out of Southern Africa ... I've seen you mention Edinburgh a few times in your blog posts ...

    ... I don't want to overdo it so I'll post some more images from Cape Town in a few days ...

  4. We love Edinburgh, spent our honeymoon there and have holidayed or conferenced numerous times, perhaps later this year again!

  5. so glad I found your blog some months ago. You have very interesting stuff.
    Just looked up some info on Cape Town. It about the size of San Francisco which also has those beautiful ocean views. They are listed as twin cities.
    Can you drive up on Table Mountain?
    One more q - do you speak much of the other languages?

  6. Thanks lisleman ...

    I didn't know that CT and SF were twinned ...

    ... there is a road drive along the side of Table mountain but if you want to get to the top you have to climb or take the cable car ...

    Besides English, I speak Afrikaans and a smattering of German ...