Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pics From My Home In Northern Nam

Along one of the Back Roads

Ilala Palms
Hyphaene benguellensis

Otjikoto Lake

The Lake is approx 140m x 70m and is known to be at least 120 meter in depth. It is classified as being the 12th largest underwater cave in the world.

Otjikoto Lake

Just before the surrender of the Kaiser's Forces to the Union of South Africa troops on 9 July 1915, a group of Schutztruppe having been driven further and further north with no chance of being re-supplied with arms or ammunition arrived at Otjikoto. It was here that they decided to dump the heavier of their remaining equipment into the lake rather than allow it to fall into enemy hands. Text Source

A herdsman chats while grazing cattle along the road.

OneStonedCrow Pics
The road to the nearest town ... thank goodness it's being be tarred ... it's hell on tires and my small car has almost drowned on a few occasions.



  1. Hi, stumbled here from Lisleman, aka a few clowns short. Thankyou for the piccys and narratives. Do people dive in the caves? (You know, scuba stuff?)

  2. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for your visit and comment.

    Yes, occasionally groups of divers dive here - my nephew, who was visiting me at the time and who is also interested in scuba diving was lucky enough to encounter such a group (police training, I believe) on his visit to the lake and was invited to do a dive with them ... needless to say, he was thrilled and it was probably the highlight of his Namibian visit ...

  3. Oh to be able to so do! Did they find any evidence of the abandoned munitions?

    best dave

  4. Some field guns and munitions were retrieved a few years ago by a sponsored expedition - the stuff listed on the board is still in the lake, too deep and difficult to retrieve - one guy lost an arm when he got it entangled in a steel cable during the operation ...

    The items which were brought up were restored and are in the Tsumeb museum in northern Namibia

  5. Wow what a beautiful place. May I know where you were born? I hope it is not too much of a question to ask but I feel it would help me imagine what is it like for you to be there.

  6. Heya Ocean Girl - I was born in Pretoria, South Africa - I've been living in Namibia since the early 'seventies ...

    I appreciate your comments because they cause me to view my surroundings through new eyes ...

    Thank you

  7. It is a beautiful area. I'm afraid the only thing I've heard of Namibia is Brangelina's baby girls birth there :-( I have been to Ghana and Kenya though and I love Kenya so much. I see the beautiful palm trees in your photos. They are such a thing of beauty against an open sky.

  8. hehe Joyful - yeah Namibians are madly in love with Brangelina ... when they were here all the government big-shots were falling over themselves trying to please them - hoping for an invite to Hollywood I guess