Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chook Book - Check-Out the Chickens

I'm not really a chicken fancier but I just couldn't resist these illustrations which I found on the excellent BibliOdyssey blog - there are more on the page if you're interested.

I have about twenty bantams free-ranging on the smallholding, mainly to keep the insect population down.

I made a bad mistake: whenever I feed them some grain I call them by whistling - now, because of this, I have to be silent while working outside ... if I absent-mindedly start whistling a tune, I'm immediately surrounded by a gang of birds clamoring for food ...



  1. gotta love them my dream world I have a little hobby farm..with chickens running about :)

  2. hehe Heya Monica ... yeah, they're nice to have around, they can be a bit irritating at times ... but still, every patch of ground needs some chickens ... :)

  3. Oh that is funny, a stoned crow being accosted by a gang of greedy chickens !

  4. Imprinting has much to answer for...

  5. Heh! ... It's a wonder that I haven't stoned a few chickens yet Lynda - must be my kind heart ... :)

    I know Dave - I even have to stand guard over the cats when I feed them - if I don't the birds rush them and gobble up their food ...

    ... maybe I should just sell them ...

    ... or buy a viscous dog to guard the cats ...

  6. When you do a post about the other C animal, please give me some warning. This notebook might not survive another flip in the air.

    Great illustrations. Do you know if they are of the real chicks or imagination? They looked really odd but I've seen odd in your posts that were real.

  7. Hehe ... sorry I scared you Fazlisa, perhaps you should chain your notebook down before visiting my blog ... :) ...

    ... yes, I've never seen any but I believe that they are real breeds of chickens ... gorgeous hey?

  8. Thanks for the visit and comment joyful ... yes, they are lovely ...