Friday, February 12, 2010

A Man with Rocks in his Head

'For over 30 years Lew French has been designing one of a kind, exceptionally crafted works with stone and natural materials.

Lew creates sculptural works, interiors, landscapes, fireplaces, water features, and visual art.

Lew was born in the small farming town of Zumbrota, Minnesota. He started to work with stone when he was just nineteen years old. He moved to Martha's Vineyard over twenty years ago and has worked on his own stone designs exclusively since.'

Image Credits: Alison Shaw

I am in awe of this man's work - if you visit his Web Page be sure to view the galleries for more images and also take a look at the video embedded on the page.



  1. Indeed ... I hope that I'll be able to do work similar to this someday .... but first i must finish what I've started ...

  2. That is gifted quality workmanship!

  3. The fireplace to me was exceptionally amazing. And there is a cat on the bookshelf!

    Love Story, that was the title of the movie. Laura the commenter after you said it. I never watched the movie though know of the Ryan O"Neal, Ali McGraw movie. I hate a sad story too. Don't give it to me. Give me Pretty Woman.

  4. Hah yes ... Love Story ... thanks for refreshing my memory ...

    ... those fireplaces are amazing hey ... and the cat ...