Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cape Town - Random Images

Cannon - Hout Bay

Cheese Shop - Imhoff Farm

Statue - Hout Bay
Some jokers climbed the rock and stuck a hat on it's head. Blown off by the wind, you can see it hanging around the neck.

Street Art

Small Zebra Garden Statue - Imhoff Farm

Surf Shop - Muizenberg

The invention of the SLR Digital camera is the best thing since ... uhm, well, whatever ... I can capture as many images as I like without worrying about the cost of developing and printing so, when I'm on the move, I tend to have my camera glued to my face, snapping as many as 1000 pics a day ... I sort through them later when I have the time ...

I realize that I must be irritating company when I'm on a roll but often, afterwards, people are glad that I took the photos ... sometimes I even surprise myself when I see a pic which I don't remember taking.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these random images from visits to Cape Town - I have some more which I'll post periodically.



  1. Wow. Art is everywhere in Cape Town. The first picture looks like Jurassic Park meets Pirates of The Caribbean. Almost unreal.

    Lately, well okay, since I started blogging, I had become so weird, taking pictures of everything. And my teenagers have become the most photographed teenagers in the world. Not to mention my turkey:)

    Graham, there were two old posts I would like to share with you that reflect my life living on a boat. One is Of Berahi, The Bradleys and Rebak. And the other is Chasing Pirates. Their links:



    Both were slideshows so you have to be patient a little with the music. They'll go smooth on second round.

  2. Your photo's are beautiful .... not merely just capturing a scene, they seem to capture a mood/feeling too .... keep on clicking ;)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this part of your life Fazlisa the images and music on both slide shows were amazing ...

    ... and you live in paradise there, I'll bet that everything is plentiful ...

    I worked on a fishing research vessel once and in return I'd like to share this song with you:


    ... hope you enjoy it ...

  4. Thanks Lynda ... yeah, nothing can stop me ... :)

  5. You have a great eye for detail and composition. Between you, Just Jill at elemental and lisleman at one clown short I have three good photographers to inspire me, KUTGW!

  6. Please keep clicking. The photos of Cape Town bring back so many memories. We used to do an annual trek every March to ride in the Argus Cycle Tour. I was never that fast but I did enjoy the scenery.

  7. Hehe ... thanks Diane, ... one of the advantages of being slow - you do get to see the scenery ...

  8. Wonderful images .... I'm smiling reading your post about digital slr's and the constant taking of pics ... me too, me too ... in fact whenever possible I go on my own, so that I don't annoy others and so I can do what I like. I guess it's the price for having photography as a hobby and a passion .....
    thanks for popping by and glad you enjoyed the old car!
    Gena @ Thinking Aloud
    a photoblog
    South Africa

  9. Haha ... thanks for your visit and kind comment Gena - I know, it's almost like an obsession, whenever I can I avoid being the 'driver' so that I can shoot the passing scenery ...