Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Garas Park Revisited

Some time ago I did a post on Garas Park

A few months later, in passing, I noticed that the figurines closest to the highway had disappeared so I stopped in, intending to sleep-over under the stars and find out what had happened to them.

The figurines had been moved closer to the campsite with a few new additions - I got my pics but was also washed-out by the only thunderstorm for miles around and was forced to continue on my journey, which turned out to be a drive from hell, but that's another story ...

I don't know exactly what it is about the whole scene that is so weird - it's as if the mind momentarily tries to convert them into real people before reality kicks-in and you see them for what they are ... piles of junk stuck together.

Here's the link again to pics from my first post on Garas Park



  1. Hang on...I know those folks, they look alot like the summer pool crowd in the back yard of my building..and those colors turquoise-green, definately from the 1960's-early 70's

  2. hehehe ... they probably moved to Nam to get away from your winter ... they'll be back soon I'm sure ... :)

  3. The contrast between your previous post with abandoned crap and this artistic recycling is excellent.

    Is it a recent creation of been going a while?

  4. Bizarrely amazing.

    Who are the makers again?

  5. Thanks Dave - to be honest, I wasn't aware of the link between the two posts until you pointed it out ...

    ... I've had this post in my 'draft' queue for awhile now - it seems that the figurines are ongoing creations by the lady who owns the farm - I haven't checked in there for a few months now as I've been taking an alternative route ...

  6. Heya Ocean Girl - the lady who owns the farm on which the campsite is situated makes them - I've been dying to meet her but every time I've been there she's been unavailable ...

    ... the bizarreness can only be truly appreciated when the figurines are viewed in the context of their surroundings ...

  7. zombie art - I like it
    the figure that is crawling or bent over looks as if they are dissolving or being shredded.

  8. Indeed it does lisleman - it's interesting how people have different takes on the same thing ... zombie art ... yeah ...