Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gaia Speaks

Gaia Speaks
David Horsey



  1. That should provoke some response!

    I spent anhour last evening trawling the web for gen on your country.

    Are the following accurate in as far as they go?

    prev known as SW Africa, capital Windhoek since 1990.
    2nd least densely populated country in world after mongolia.
    about half population below poverty line ($1.25 daily).
    15% adults HIV pos in 2007.

    became german colony in 1884.
    genocide by Germans 1904-7 killed 80% Herero and 50% Namaqua populations.

    Namib desert about half size britland, whole country half size alaska.
    part of British commonwealth.
    7% gdp on compulsory education to age 16 years.
    2nd match lions rugby tour played in windhoek in 1974.


  2. Howzit Dave ...

    yes, what Gaia says is often the way I feel ...

    You've been busy - at a glance, the facts you've listed appear accurate and the one I like best is No 2: '2nd least densely populated country in world after mongolia.'

    Have you ever visited Africa?

  3. Never had the pleasure of visiting any further south than The Canary Isles!

  4. That is who we are. And we do transgress many barriers especially when we adopt speculative and interest-based economy.

    Thank you Dave Hambidge for the information on Namibia.

    I had never been to Africa but would love to see Madagascar some day.