Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mango Groove - Southern Sky

Mango Groove - Southern Sky

I want to be with you under a Southern Sky
Feel the earth move as I see you walking by
I want to take you to the moon and back tonight
Sleep with angels in the shelter of a perfect Southern Sky
In the stillness and forgiveness of a perfect Southern Sky

This song makes my eyes all watery - I must be getting soft in my old-age ... :)

Image Credits: Unknown
Mango Groove is an 11 piece Afropop group formed in 1983 in Johannesburg, South Africa and fronted by lead singer Claire Johnston.

Here's something more upbeat from them if you feel like getting your feet moving ... Dance Sum More:



  1. I just love Mango Groove ... think it's about time I dusted off some of their CD's again ;)