Monday, February 8, 2010

The Orange River in Flood

For most of the year the Orange River, or Gariep as it's also known, flows tranquilly and is great for rafting, camping or fishing.

The river is 2200 km (1367 mi) long - it rises in the Drakensberg mountains along the border between South Africa and Lesotho and for 550 km it forms the international border between Namibia and South Africa, before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at Alexander Bay.

Due to good rains in it's catchment area, the sluice gates of the Bloemhof Dam in South Africa have been opened and downstream the river has become a raging, powerful monster.

The pontoon at the Sendelingsdrift border crossing into South Africa's Richtersveld National Park has been suspended and even wading birds, like this Grey Heron, are staying out of the water.

The roads between Rosh Pinah and the Noordoewer border post and between Rosh Pinah and Oranjemund are impassable.

Except for the first image, I took all the other pics earlier this morning.



  1. Oh what a beautiful country you live in. And that white abandoned truck was just like the little white abandoned house, sitting there bidding questions.

  2. Thank you Ocean Girl - yes, it is a stunning country ... I took quite a few pics of dead cars this morning - I'm saving them for a later post ...

  3. yes these abandoned objects and places are beautiful,
    .. they remind us that all is transient

  4. Indeed - I had a splitting headache this morning while I was photographing rubbish left behind by a mining outfit and thinking "yeah, this junk will still be here long after I'm gone but, eventually, it too will pass ... "

  5. This is a lovely, personal way to learn about your part of the planet; love it!

  6. Thanks Dave ...

    ... and thanks for your continued visits and comments - I appreciate them ...

  7. Thanks so much for visiting me all the way over in East Africa this morning ! Your blog is great - your photographs stunning, stoned house amazing & yes, we, too get red onions here in Tanzania ! I've become a 'follower' & will be back .....
    Bye for now
    Lynda, Kilimanjaro's foothills, East Africa

  8. Those are all stunning photos!

  9. couple of questions
    1. When it's calm is it safe to swim? I'm wondering about hippos or crocs.
    2. How long before the water recedes?

  10. ... and thank you for your visit and very kind comments Lynda - I feel such a twit about red onions now ... everybody else except me seems to have known about them ...

  11. Thank you Joyful - and thanks for visiting ...

  12. Thanks for the Qs lisleman

    yes, it's safe to swim in the Orange River - there are no crocodiles or water-borne diseases and the last hippo was wiped out by a poacher many years ago ...

    ... it'll probably take a few weeks for the water to recede and a few more weeks to repair the road.