Sunday, February 14, 2010

Namibian Faces

OneStonedCrow Pics


  1. These portraits are beautiful Graham! Candid and raw, in each persons eyes we get a tiny glimpse into their soul.


  2. Am I being unrealistically naieve? The men in this sequence look to have weathered a lot of life; the girls/women look anxiously hopefull for the future?

  3. This is truly great Graham. Thank you. I can see the uniqueness in each face and at the same time I can see resemblance. There are traces of Malayness too. We are all one and the same.

    Did they pose for you?

  4. Thank you for your kind comments Aurora, Dave and Ocean Girl ...

    ... the first, third and last man were beggars who came up to me and asked me for money - I asked to take their pictures in return so that we were on an equal footing ...

    ... in the other three images I was the beggar and gave nothing in return ...

    The second man is Andries, a labourer on a farm where I camped once and the two girls were temps waitressing at a function I attended - yes, they have reason to be anxiously hopeful ... Namibia has a very high unemployment rate ...

    I know that my pictures are not technically or artistically 'correct' ... I'm too impatient to fiddle about ... all I do is capture images, most times they are lousy, occasionally I get lucky ...

  5. you might not know - but the one hat looks like it has an american indian symbol on it. just curious if that symbol might be used in other places.

  6. yeah lisleman ... I was also wondering where he got that hat from but many items of clothing sold here have American symbols or logos on them ...